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MX Phillips, also known as Eugene Phillips, is a self-taught musician, drummer, and producer with an exceptional dedication to music, particularly in drumming and music production. Their expertise and innovative approach have swiftly made them a respected name in the industry. Eugene Phillips has performed at several prestigious events, including The Deep End at the University of Greenwich, Mid Kent College's Music Reformed, the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham, and The Night Owl’s Neighbourhood event in Birmingham. These experiences have been instrumental in refining their sound and solidifying their distinctive style. Renowned for their unique approach to music, Eugene Phillips skillfully blends vocal loops with instrumental tracks, earning a reputation as a musician to watch. Their innovative techniques and commitment to pushing musical boundaries highlight their leadership and impact within the industry. Although early in their career, Eugene Phillips demonstrates a clear vision and relentless drive. They are eager to explore new musical horizons and are deeply appreciative of every opportunity that comes their way. Their enthusiasm for their musical journey and their dedication to sharing their art with the world are truly inspiring. Discover the dynamic sound of MX Phillips on Spotify. Prepare to be captivated by their innovative rhythms and unique musical perspectives, marking them as a significant talent in the music industry.

Discography & Media

Discography & Media


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