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Personal Profile

I'm MX Phillips, a 25-year-old self-taught musician, drummer, and producer based in England. My passion lies in creating innovative dance, pop, techno, and electronic music. I've had the privilege of performing at notable venues like The Deep End at the University of Greenwich and the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham.

What sets me apart is my unique approach to music production. I specialize in blending vocal loops with instrumental tracks, pushing the boundaries of contemporary music. My proficiency with DAW software allows me to craft captivating arrangements that resonate with audiences.

Although I'm early in my career, I've already made a positive impact in live events, deeply engaging with my audiences. My versatility extends beyond performance –


I've worked as a drum tech and assisted stage crews, showcasing my commitment to all aspects of the music industry.

I'm constantly exploring new musical horizons and approach each opportunity with genuine excitement. My work can be found on platforms like Spotify and YouTube, and I'm eager to continue growing and making an even greater impact in the music industry."

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