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Hello, my name is Eugene Phillips.

I am a 22-year-old musician.


I make music on Logic Pro X, Where I create the music that you see on this site.

I also run my YouTube channel and an Instagram page called MX Heartstone

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Eugene Phillips

MX Heartstone 

My Story

While only a newcomer to the music scene, Eugene Phillips has always been known to be a creator at heart.


Eugene steered to music scene like a Pro, instantly grasping the concept of his musical abilities.


He has performed at numerous different places and events such as the BBC Introducing Live, The Deep End, Mid Kent College's Music Reformed, Black History Month and much more.

Eugene has invested his love of music with the creative use of vocal loops and instrumental tracks to form his unique style.

Equipped with a screen and a blank template, he has become known to capture the hearts of many.

Showcasing his new approach and distinctive strategy to vocal loops and MIDI tracks.


Eugene Phillips is known to try his best. 17 years later he has become a natural of his musical abilities. Follow his social media to find out about future releases.

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